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Selenium, Probiotics, the Brain and Alzheimer’s Disease; SPE Lymph-Flow Blend

Hello Everyone: Today, I will be discussing the mineral selenium in relation to: The Brain and Alzheimer’s Disease 1) The next NHSS/SPE Members Only Classes is scheduled for next Tuesday 9/26 @ 4 p.m. Pacific Time.  During that class, I will continue my discussion of the Law of Continuity of Disease, picking up with the Extracellular Matrix Phase and finally, the Cellular Phase. I have gotten a good deal of positive feedback after last week’s class. This class will continue that exploration of a deep understanding of the true nature of health and disease. I will then begin a new focus: Essential Oils for Neurohormonal Dysregulation (i.e., disorganization of the regulatory functions of the nervous and endocrine systems). You will learn how to locate specific skin-reflex sites (e.g., […]

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Class – Tuesday 9/12/23 @ 4 p.m. Pacific Time: Topics; Melatonin and Cancer Part I

Hello Everyone: Today, I begin my in-depth discussion of melatonin. If you follow this discussion as it unfolds in installments over the next few months, you will come to realize just how potentially important melatonin supplementation can be. Most people think of melatonin simply as a supplement you can take at night to help you sleep. However, melatonin supplementation may play an important role regarding aging, heart disease, cancer, degenerative neurological diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease), autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety disorder and viral infections (e.g., COVID infection). Clearly, there is a lot to discuss about melatonin, and so, I will be presenting installments information over the course of the rest of this year. Find below, the first part of that […]

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Antidepressants and the Risk of Suicide; SPE Lymph-Flow Blend Special Offer

Hello Everyone: Tomorrow, I will begin my discussion of melatonin; and a second discussion of essential Oils for energetic balancing of the endocrine system. Today, I am highlighting an article I recently came across about an Austrian/Swiss study published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology about antidepressant drugs and the risk of suicide that underscores the importance of being very wary of any of the narratives regarding health and disease that are imposed upon the public by the collusion of Big Pharma and their sock puppets in government and the media. The egregious way data is being manipulated and censored needs to be widely recognized. Frontiersmen of the 19th century who lived surrounded by dangerous animals and hostile indigenous tribes, would warn about these threats: “Always […]

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