SPE Polarity Balancing Blend Blueprint


The SPE Polarity Balancer Blend is used for general polarity balancing. NHSS General Polarity Test shows the method that I have developed for balancing the body’s general bioelectric field.

This will prove to be one your go-to SPE blends for dealing with, and recovering from stress. You will learn how to apply this blend to Chapman’s adrenal neurolymphatic reflexes on the abdomen and back. An invaluable technique.

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The human organism, like all living organisms, is a body electric. All the functions of the body depend upon weak electrical charges generated by ion exchange. That is why heart function can be assessed using an electrocardiogram, and the brain, using an electroencephologram.

All electrical currents have an associated electrical field. When you use a pendulum as a diagnostic tool what you are actually measuring is the integrity of the body’s bioelectrical field. If the body’s electrical polarity is disturbed, all healing techniques will provide limited benefit and be effective for a shorter period of time. It is always best to first balance the body’s bioelectric polarity before employing a specific healing technique such as acupressure, moxa, a chiropractic adjustment, an essential oil blend, a homeopathic remedy, etc.

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