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Discover some of Dr. Berkowsky’s favorite integrative wellness brands and products.

Lotus Garden Botanicals

aromatherapy essential oils by lotus garden botanicals review

Lotus Garden Botanicals is located in Biddeford, ME, US and ship within the US and internationally as well. All oils at Lotus Garden Botanicals are sourced direct from distillers. An additional level of quality assurance is in place by GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrum) testing essential oils. Whether for aromatherapy, all-natural perfume, home scenting, or bath and body items, only the best, pure essential oils are used in Lotus Garden Botanicals blends. The product range includes absolute oils, essential oils, clay, dried flowers, hydrosols, CO2 extracts, blends, carrier oils and additives and more!

Molecular Hydrogen

There are many benefits of hydrogen inhalation that improve the well-being of almost every individual in most dire situations. Deep sea divers can survive at bone crushing depths by breathing hydrogen. The same H2 that runs the sun can heal us of our afflictions. Everyone needs hydrogen!

H2 is known to selectively scavenge reactive oxygen species, thereby improving oxygenation. As it’s the smallest molecule in the universe, it is quickly absorbed in the blood stream when inhaled via the lungs and circulated in the entire body.

The Hi-Tech Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Ultra 900 is a full-featured system that provides molecular hydrogen inhalation and allows you to make hydrogen-rich water at home. This molecular hydrogen inhalation machine produces up to 600 mL/min of pure hydrogen and optionally 300 mL/min of Oxygen.

hydrogen and hydrogen/oxygen mixed gas inhalation machines from
The Ultra Series and H2 + O2 3000 Hydrogen/Oxygen Inhalation Machines from

Considering an average person weighing 170 lbs. breathes in 6000 mL of air per minute, the Ultra 900 system provides a hydrogen dosage of up to 10% . The system has two output ports, allow two people to use machine simultaneously. The control panel allows adjusting the volume so you can start with a smaller dosage and build your way up.

Besides the Ultra 900, the Ultra 1500 and the Hi-Tech H2 + O2 3000 are higher volume hydrogen and oxygen inhalation systems from the supplier.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you can also consider the The Basic Hydrogen Inhalation machine which provides 150 mL/min or 2.5% pure H2.

Whole-body PEMF Mat

pemf beyond whole-body pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat by

The PEMF Beyond Full Body mat features a high quality foldable PEMF mat with a wireless controller which has a built in rechargeable battery and a downloadable controller app for iOS and Android. The whole-body PEMF device comes with 100+ preset programs and unlimited custom programs. The frequency range is from 1 to 99 Hz with many adjustable settings. It comes with adjustable up to 1,000+ µT or 10 Gauss Max Intensity.

Q Magnets

Q Magnets are designed and manufactured based on scientific evidence and application is based on clinical trials and the feedback of thousands of patients treated by health professionals such as neurologists, doctors and physiotherapists.

Q Magnets multi-polar therapeutic magnets are applied for rapid pain relief based on their effect on the signals generated by cell membranes. These are some of the most advanced magnetic field devices and come with a generous 30-day trial. We recommend getting the Active Athlete set and the Q Blankets to have the perfect day and night-time coverage of magnetic therapy.

Polarized Light Lamp

ActiveBio+ Polarised Light Therapy Light by

ActiveBio Plus is a polarized light therapy lamp with a 99% polarization rate and 7 colors. Delivered worldwide with free shipping, 3 years warranty and 30-day trial.

Broad, visible spectrum Polarised Light Therapy (PLT) differs from other forms of phototherapy as it uses a much wider range of wavelengths than other modalities such as, LLLT or cold laser therapy or UV light therapy. Consequently, the devices used in PLT are generally less expensive and relatively easy to use.

As opposed to cold laser light composed of light rays of uniform wavelength, polarized light covers a wide spectrum between 480 nm and 3,400 nm, including visible light and the lower wavelengths of the infrared range. However, polarized light does not contain UV rays.

Holden Qi Gong

Lee Holden has devoted his career to helping others learn the powerful principles of Qi Gong. Anybody, at any age or fitness level, can use these moving meditation techniques – not only to improve physical fitness, but also to assist in recovery from injury and illness, to achieve a deeper sense of calm, and to relieve tension and stress. The Holden QiGong website offers live classes, teacher training as well as recorded workshops.


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