Gemstone Essences

I began preparing gemstone essences in the mid-1980’s. I use carefully selected gemstones and have developed a sophisticated method for mother essence preparation that begins with purification of the stones via placement among wild plants and trees, followed by the burying of the stones within an energy vortex by a forest creek and various other techniques that utilize the purifying and strengthening elements of the
natural world including sun, rain, wind, patches of wildflowers or wild berry bushes buzzing with bees, etc.

Gemstones store energy within their crystal matrices. The purification of the stones eliminates extraneous energies picked up during their mining, storage and transport. This allows their natural, vibratory characters to once again radiate without foreign wave form interference.

By “clearing the memory” of the stone, the purification process creates a vacated space for new vibratory impressions to be received and stored. In this regard, the stones are placed in a protected open area surrounded by woods. Throughout the gemstone mother essence development process the stones, while immersed in their distilled, mountain rainwater medium are receiving and storing the energies of sunlight, surrounding wild plants, wild animals, birdsong, wind, passing clouds, rain (some of the mother essences experienced rain showers during their development), moonlight and starlight.

Thus all of the gemstone mother essences feature the energies indigenous to that specific gemstone and its original habitat as well as those native to the natural world of the Pacific Northwest.

There are 2 categories of Gemstone Essences available below. SPE Scalar Light Wave Gemstone Essences (6) and Spiritual PhytoEssencing Gemstone Essences. These products can only be purchased by Dr. Berkowsky’s students and practitioners in the NHSS/SPE Membership Program. You can learn more about the categories and products below.

The bottles are 30 ml and international shipping is available. Shipping price for 1 bottle is $4 for 1 bottle in the US, $6 for Mexico & Canada and $14 for the rest of the world. Additional bottles in the cart will be $2 per bottle. The total shipping amount can be viewed after adding the required quantity of products to the cart.


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