Building A Powerful Immune System


Our immune systems face a daily onslaught of challenges. The immune system is designed to defend you not only against millions of pathogenic microbes and parasites, but also against environmental toxins and invasive climatic conditions such as excessive heat, cold and dampness. Emotional stress, improper diet, lack of exercise and adequate rest and sleep are just some of the factors that undermine the operations of the immune system.

In this comprehensive and illuminating presentation, Dr. Berkowsky provides rare insight, via his seamless melding of pivotal knowledge from modern science, traditional naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine, into how the immune system works, the challenges it faces every day of our lives and what you can do to strengthen it in order to maximize resisting power, recovery power as well as overall vitality and youthfulness.

Download this 3 hours and 24 minutes (mp3) lecture by Dr. Berkowsky to learn more.

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