Agatized Dinosaur Bone


Prepared using the SPE Natural World Method (sunlight, moonlight and starlight) plus exposure to a sequence of 9.6 Hz to 8.8 Hz pulsed electromagnetic fields, Tesla full-spectrum 420 watt induction light (a gas discharge lamp in which an electric or magnetic field transfers the power required to generate light from outside the lamp envelope to the gas inside. This is in contrast to a typical gas discharge lamp that uses internal electrodes connected to the power supply by conductors that pass through the lamp envelope), agate lamp with LED bulb and diffusion of pemou and greenheart wood essential oils.

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Chakras Associations: 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th

Astrological signs: No specificities; universal relevance

Primarily Masculine tinctured with Feminine maternal energy

Element Associations: Earth, Wood and Light

Essential Oil Correspondences: Pemou (primary oil); bergamot; bitter orange cardamom; cinnamon; cistus; clove; coriander; frankincense; greenheart wood; eucalyptus; frankincense; gandhi root; juniper; myrrh; nagarmotha; pemou; pine

Physicals: Affinity for: adrenal glands; bones; brain; immune system; metabolism

Themes: balancing; calming; communication; harmonizing; positivity; protection; security; self-confidence; stability; strength

Windows of Knowing: Sensing, Thought and Connection to Spirit

Agatized dinosaur bone is a rare form of fossilized dinosaur bone that formed when the original fossilized bone was remineralized with silica based compounds such as agate, jasper, chalcedony, or opal (i.e., these compounds replaced the original bone minerals).

The specimens I used to prepare this gemstone essence came from the Morrison Formation in Colorado, famed for its fossil-rich beds that contain abundant prehistoric plant and dinosaur remains.

The two pieces of agatized dinosaur bone I used derive from the Late Jurassic period. Part of one side of each specimen was polished to expose a view the internal cell structure of the original bone (see the picture above of one of the two stones I used to prepare the gemstone essence). The small bone cells are indicative of a non-theropod dinosaur, almost certainly one of the large Sauropods like Diplodocus or Camarasaurus, both of which are common in the Morrison Formation.

Because agatized dinosaur bone carries both the vibrational energy of the dinosaur and agate, its properties as a gemstone essence are a unique hybrid of both of these sources.

The soul is not simply an aura that surrounds an organism, but rather a vitalizing force that incarnates into every cell of the physical body. Therefore, all of the dinosaur’s bone cells were ensouled during its lifetime. Even after an organism dies, regardless of the passage of time, its remains carry an attenuated imprint of that ensoulment. When the bone became fossilized that imprint was effectively preserved. When one visits a museum and passes near a dinosaur skeleton, a human mummy, etc. one can still feel the essence of that once living being.

When taking the Agatized Dinosaur Bone gemstone essence, one can clearly feel the consciousness of the creatures from whose bones the essence was distilled. Yes, you can feel the power of the dinosaur but also a deep feeling of calm and security.

Sauropods (from sauro and pod meaning “lizard-footed”), had very long necks and tails, small heads relative to the rest of their body, and thick, pillar-like legs. They are notable for the enormous sizes attained by some species. Some sauropods (e.g., Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus, Camarasaurus and Diplodocus) were the largest animals to have ever lived on land. Dinosaurs such as these could grow to be over 100 feet long and 70 feet tall. They weighed as much as 80 tons.

Clearly, these dinosaurs had no natural enemies. Although they were herbivores, they dwarfed fearsome carnivores such as the Tyrannosaurus. One swipe of its tail would break a Tyrannosaurus’ spine. Perhaps this accounts for the feeling of fearless calm and security that one feels after taking this gemstone essence.

Healing Properties of Agatized Dinosaur Bone Gemstone Essence

  • Increases energy levels and memory capacity
  • Valuable when pursuing past life work.
  • Reduces anxiety, especially survival-related anxieties.
  • Strengthens the spirit in the troubled times
  • Clears negative thoughts and negative energies and supplants these with the power of positivity
  • Associated with the theme of communication; communication with others; communication with spirit guides, etc.
  • Aligns one with true sincerity and aids one in following his or her soular hero’s journey with more confidence.
  • Promotes the healing and wholeness of being.
  • Promotes integration of the astral body (that aspect of chi associated with the animal soul component of the human soul) with the physical body. Thus is useful when treating “reckless chi” that causes spasm and pain.
  • Supports “upright chi” that keeps the body upright, thus counteracting the slumping posture encouraged by the pressures and stresses of daily existence.
  • As it originates from bone, consider Agatized Dinosaur Bone gemstone essence for anyone with ailments of the bones such as osteoporosis, broken bones, bone cancer, etc.
  • Balances and purges negative emotions that are sometimes related to past life incarnations.
  • Fortifies the aura (repairs permeability of this invisible self-defense shield) and balances the chakras
  • Assists the dying individual, providing support during a terminal illness.

This character of this essence is strongly influenced by its agate nature. Here are some important general properties of agate gemstone essences.

Note how synergistic are the properties of petrified dinosaur bone and agate.

  • Agates are a variety of chalcedony – a fibrous variety of quartz.
  • Chemical Composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2)
  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7
  • A grounding stone
  • Harmonizes yin and yang energies
  • Brings out great strengths
  • Aids in seeking hidden truths
  • Useful for any kind of emotional trauma
  • Encourages emotional, physical and intellectual balance
  • Helps center and stabilize physical energy
  • Helps facilitate self-acceptance, thus builds self-confidence
  • Assists self-inquiry and perception of underlying circumstances
  • Enhances the perception, concentration and analytical function that leads to practical solutions
  • Helps dissolve negativity, bitterness and anger
  • Fosters love and the courage for new beginnings
  • Creates a sense of safety and security by decreasing psychical tension
  • Encourages acceptance and understanding — the quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences that leads to spiritual growth and inner stability

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Gemstone Essence Quantity Per Bottle

30 ml

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