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NHSSS Main Central Vertical Flow Contact Points and Polarity Therapy Interface

In order to have effective lymphatic drainage, especially in cases of long-term lymph sluggishness and general imbalance, the body must first be preconditioned.

The preconditioning protocol features general polarity balancing, a centering flow that incorporates acupoints used in Jin Shin Jyutsu (a system of Japanese acupressure) combined with a Polarity Therapy technique. I have modified and integrated these techniques according to my own understanding and practical experience.

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In Chinese medicine, the theory of yin and yang holds that all things are composed of both yin and yang—the balancing polar aspects of all phenomena that sustain one another. Within the yin/yang model, while cold, rest, passivity, darkness and decrease are all yin qualities, heat, stimulation, movement, activity, excitement and increase are all yang qualities.

Within the context of physiology, blood, cellular substance and the intercellular fluids that moisten the cells are all components of the body’s yin. On the other hand, chi and heat, the bioenergetic action potentials that drive cellular activity and warm the body, are yang in nature.

I have developed a simple analytical technique (feeling certain areas of the abdomen with your fingertips) and an acupoint balancing response to one’s assessment that once again uses the polarity of your fingers (i.e., the index finger is negatively charged and the middle finger is positively charged) and the SPE Polarity Balancing Blend. Members can view the video to learn more.

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