SPE Snowy Night at Moonlight Lake Gemstone Essence Blend


The formula for the gemstone essences for the 12/29/23 Snowy Night at Moonlight Lake Cosmic Light Projection. I am finding the gemstone essences to be invaluable in keeping my consciousness protected and aligned with my higher soul.

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Unlike previous blends developed for cosmic light projections, I am suggesting that you begin use of the oil blend and gemstone essences 5 days prior to the projection.

In this case, that means you will begin use of the blend and gemstone essences on 12/24 – Christmas Eve. The blend will be used every day between 12/24 and 12/29, culminating with its use during the projection. This will help you get to a much deeper, inner place during this troubled holiday season and enable the cosmic light projection to be a destination that you journey to, rather than an experience that begins and ends within a 2 hr. period.

Beginning 5 days before the cosmic light projection, 2 of the gemstone essences should be selected each day with one taken in the morning (10 drops sublingually; hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing), and a second taken in the afternoon.

The gemstone essences will also be blended together and used during the actual cosmic light projection.

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