SPE Springtime Clearing Blend


This blend is one of the most beautiful SPE blends that you will ever experience. After all, I began with Wordsworth’s beautiful “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” poem as the organizing nucleus for the blend. It will take you into a springtime meadow, surrounded by forest, on a clear Spring day. It can also be used to clear one’s aura and consciousness and refresh the spirit. If you choose to prepare this blend, you will cherish it.

It is composed of 20 essential oils. SPE blends of this type necessarily contain a lot of oils. I have often compared this type of blending to the painting of a portrait or a beautiful landscape with all the hues, light and shadows needed to evoke the nuances of a certain person’s face and the textures and colors of her clothing, or a springtime meadow in full flower.

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