SPE Blood Circulation Blend – Acupoint Protocol #1


The SPE Blood Circulation Blend can be applied to specific acupoints to more finely focus its actions. Acupoint therapy is an important aspect of my Natural Health Science SystemTM (NHSS), and, in Spiritual PhytoEssencingTM (SPE), essential oil blends are often administered via application acupoints. In this article, I provide extensive details regarding application of the blend to the acupoints of another person. Since 6 of the points of this protocol are situated on the back of the body, it is not well-suited for self-application.


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While for those trained in acupuncture, needling of acupoints is the primary option, in the NHSS (designed to enable lay people to manage their own individualized natural healing efforts), non-needling options such as acupressure, moxa, magnets and color therapy are emphasized.

On the other hand, SPE Blood Circulation Blend/Acupoint Protocol #2 features points that are readily accessible for self-application. Of course, this second protocol can also be applied to someone else. The two protocols are also strategically different. Protocol #1 focuses upon the brain’s collateral blood circulation (see discussion of this below). Protocol #2 is a general brain protocol.

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