SPE Snowy Night On Moonlight Lake Layered Essential Oil Blend


The complete blueprint for the SPE Snowy Night on Moonlight Lake Blend. Scent-wise, this blend is extraordinarily beautiful. It is a classical SPE, deep soul-level, astral journeying blend. The blend has a powerful settling and inner-connection effect. You can inhale it directly from the wrists or add it to a diffuser.


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The blend is a revised version of the Snowy Night In The Woods blend used last year. I retained about 2/3 of the oils in that blend and replaced the others with different oils.

I just completed blending it for the first time and I can report that it is exquisitely beautiful. In my previous message, I presented a quote by the 13th century Zen master Dogen Zenji, which I used to aid in my selection of oils for this blend, in which Zenji compares life to a journey on a boat. Here is a portion of it: “The sky, the water and the shore are all the boat’s world, which is not the same as a world that is not the boat’s.”

This blend is rooted in the boat’s world, but ascends beyond that into the “world that is not the boat’s.”

The Snowy Night On Moonlight Lake Blend and Cosmic Light Projection is scheduled for Friday evening, December 29th, 2023.

This will be a very powerful projection that will exert a deep inner healing effect. Part of this projection experience will be a personal life review.

The journey during the projection will begin with each of us astral journeying down a forest stream in a canoe (each person on their own stream, in their own canoe).

“Know that within the innumerable things which are in yourself there is birth [i.e., life], and there is death…Birth is just like riding in a boat. You raise the sails and row with the oar. Although you row, the boat gives you a ride and without the boat no one could ride. But you ride in the boat and your riding makes the boat what it is. At such a moment, there is nothing but the world of the boat. The sky, the water and the shore are all the boat’s world, which is not the same as a world that is not the boat’s.”

The boat Dogen Zenji is referring to is a metaphor for one’s life journey. During the cosmic light projection, we will be experiencing both a life review of your boat’s journey and venturing into the world which is not the boat’s.

These SPE Cosmic Light Projections, as anyone who has participated in one will attest, are transporting, deeply comforting and healing. I encourage you to not miss this opportunity to participate in a healing experience that is unique to SPE.

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