Astro-Synthesis Blending Instructional Course


In this course, you will learn how to create a customized, personal SPE Astro-Synthesis Blend. Order this course to receive all 3 SPE Reference Guides in order to be able to formulate a SPE Astro-Synthesis Custom Constitutional Blend:

  1. SPE Repertory of Essential Oils
  2. SPE Astro-Synthesis Blend Reference Guide
  3. SPE Astrological Dialectics, Miasms, and Tree of Life Vessels Psychological Keynotes, Reference Guide

Additionally 4 class recording videos spanning over 4 hrs 45 mins by Dr. Berkowsky are included to help you learn this technique.


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SPE Astro-Synthesis Blending involves the development of a deep-acting, soul-level healing blend for someone, based in part on their astrological signs.

In SPE we use 3 astrological polarities to help determine which essential oils should be included in a person’s custom blend.

  1. Sun Sign/Moon Sign
  2. Rising Sign/Descendant Sign
  3. North Node/South Node (of the moon)

In Spiritual PhytoEssencing, the term archetype refers to a unique intangible construct of the soul that generates a pattern of characteristic potentials. Accordingly, particular identifiable patterns of emotions and physical predispositions are viewed as tangible expressions of underlying psycho-spiritual archetypes. In turn, these expressions are considered to be archetypal images. In SPE, we select blends that focus in on the archetypes rather than the archetypal images. The archetypal images are used to identify the underlying archetypes. This is one of the reasons why SPE blends are so much deeper acting on a psychospiritual level than conventional aromatherapy blends.

In SPE, astrological signs are considered to be major soul archetypes that carry a great deal of information regarding a person’s inherent soul nature. A SPE Astro-Synthesis Blend utilizes this information to help a person return to the “beginning of herself,” in other words to return from a lifelong pattern of operating from her outer “me,” which does not represent who she truly is, to her inner “I” — her true soul nature. Deep psychospiritual SPE blending work grows out of the central concept that it is only when someone operates from the platform of her true inner identity can she achieve true health and wholeness of being.

Using the resources provided in this course, you can learn SPE Astro-Synthesis Blending and prepare one for yourself. They are indeed deep-acting and can help leverage you into a deeper orbit of self-understanding and daily consciousness.

The Astro-Synthesis blend is actually a SPE Dialectic Blend, that uses 3 constitutional dialectics from astrology. It is not a personal astrology chart blend. As you likely know, astrology is a highly complex science that requires a great deal of study to be proficient at. In SPE we are simply using 3 of astrology’s constitutional dialectics to create a personalized, soul-level healing blend. You do not need to have any knowledge of astrology to create this blend.

You simply need to know your:

1) Sun Sign and Moon Sign;

2) Rising Sign and Descendant Sign;

3) North Node and South Node

In order to be able to look these up in the sources I will provide, you will need to know your time and place of birth. For instance, 5/11/60, 2:15 p.m., Sydney, Australia.

I am sure you are probably asking by now. What in the world is a dialectic? Sounds like something that has to do with language. Actually it has nothing to do with language dialects.

G.W.F. Hegel, the 19th century German philosopher, used the term dialectic to refer to a process wherein a concept merges with its opposite causing the distinctions between the two to dissolve. In the course of this merger, some of the original distinctions between the polar opposites (e.g., sun sign and moon sign in the context of SPE Astro-Synthesis Blending) remain intact; however these are overcome in such a way to reveal not only the original spiritual root of each oppositional entity but also what appeared to be opposites were actually mutually dependent.

In other words, this melding of opposites represents the very essence of creativity. Hegel felt that as everything is a product of an interaction between opposing elements, actual comprehension of the essence of a manifestation (such as your inner identity or true soul nature) requires an awareness of the interaction of the opposing, determinant forces that produced its apparent unity.

A thesis can be viewed as a single idea. The idea contains a form of incompleteness that gives rise to the antithesis, a conflicting idea. A third point of view, a synthesis, arises from mediation of this conflict and overcomes the conflict by reconciling the truths contained at a higher level within the thesis and antithesis.

The synthesis is a new thesis. It generates a new antithesis, and the process continues until truth is arrived at.

To Hegel: “Every actual thing involves a coexistence of opposed elements. Consequently, to know or, in other words to comprehend is equivalent to being conscious of it as a concrete unity of opposed determinations,”

Examples of Dialectics Commonly Seen in SPE Work in the case histories of individuals wishing to have a SPE customized soul-level healing blend include.

1) Acceptance/Rejection
2) Attachment/Detachment
3) To Be or Not to Be (i.e., do I want to live or die; do I want to live from my real self – my “I” or continue living from my outer “me.”)
4) Avoidance/Desire
5) Chaste/Indiscriminate Offering of Oneself
6) Innocence/Guilt
7) Anger/Remorse
8) Love/Fear
9) Control/Loss of Control
10) Allowing/Denial
11) Giving/Receiving

When you examine your Sun Sign/Moon Sign dialectic; Rising Sign/Descendant Sign dialectic; and North Node/South Node dialectic using the SPE Astro-Synthesis method, you will develop a deeper understanding of your inner identity that can then orient you in your journey towards wholeness of being. The great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi taught that the most important element in this journey is self-inquiry. When you better identify the inner, inherent truth of yourself, your consciousness will automatically expand and it will now be better positioned to guide you on your way to soul-fulfillment and thus, becoming, what Dr. Carl Rogers refers to as, a “fully functioning person.”

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