SPE Snowy Night In The Woods Layered Essential Oil & Gemstone Essence Blend


The Snowy Night In The Woods essential oil blend is a type of SPE blend that is referred to as a SPE Natural World Inner Dimension blend. This type of blend is formulated in such a way that, when it is completed, its scent and energy dynamics elicit in one’s consciousness, the physical and soul-level experience of that particular environment (e.g., a coniferous forest in winter).

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God, the One, Universal Consciousness, etc. can be viewed as having transcendent and immanent aspects. The transcendent aspect is beyond ordinary consciousness and direct contact with the material universe. In contrast, the immanent aspect operates from within, and pervades, the natural world, sustaining its existence. The transcendent aspect is the masculine aspect, and the immanent is the feminine aspect, of the Divine. The immanent aspect can be referred to as the Divine Feminine or Cosmic Mother. Accordingly, when you walk through a forest amidst its cathedral silence, or stand on a beach and bond with the sunset, and feel the Divine presence, you are actually connecting on a soul level primarily with the Divine Feminine.

The wood oil, coming from the trunk of the tree, carries the energies of rootedness, strength, stability and both upward growth and the tree rings associated with maturation from youth to old age. In reference to the body, it corresponds to the torso – the domain of Chakras 1-4. In the Snowy Night In The Woods blend, hinoki oil is one of the components I am using to represent the power, stability, groundedness, wisdom and majesty of the forest.

The branches correspond to the arms. Debbie Shapiro in her BodyMind Workbook writes: “As the energy moves down the arms and into the hands, it is going from the inward and personal aspects of our doing energy to the outward and more actively expressed aspects, as seen in our sense of achievement or competence.” The arms also express emotions: “Our arms reach out to hug and touch people, sharing the energy coming from our heart; or they hurt by fighting and resisting.” If the purpose of a blend is to address issues of achievement or outward physical communication of emotion, than the branch and leaf essential oil distillation would be more appropriate.

According to anthroposophical medicine, the leaves of a tree are its most rhythmic system-related element. It is also the part of a plant most associated with emotional feeling and reaching out with one’s true feelings. If the purpose of a blend is to address issues related to rhythmicity (e.g., heart rhythm, respiratory rate, lack of rhythm in one’s daily life, disconnect from the rhythms of the natural world) or emotional feeling, than the leaf distillation of hinoki would be most appropriate.

The Snowy Night In The Woods essential oil blend will challenge you. You will need to ride this one out, sometime through still waters, and sometimes through challenging rapids. If you bring the blend all the way home, you will be deeply rewarded.

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