Two Nutritious and Delicious Meal Plans for a Healthier Holiday Season


These are highly nutritious, well-balanced, readily digested, and delicious. Consider substituting these recipes for the digestive abominations that often characterize modern holiday dietary fare.



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For many people, the holiday season is a complex psychosocial ordeal. However, perhaps the biggest struggle many folks face is their with self-discipline regarding dietary choices. It is tempting to view this season as a respite from the ordinary days of stress and grim realities, and to allow yourself some treats to celebrate. However, what seems like a treat is actually a baited trap, that your mind, body and spirit will have to work its way out of. Remember, when the holiday season is over, it will be time to reenter the fray. It is best to be in shape for that. For the peaceful warrior, the holiday season is an opportunity to walk your talk. Be a shining example for others, even if they don’t resonate with it. You can’t talk the talk, if you don’t walk the walk.

In this reference, I am providing these two Natural Health Science System recipes that you may want to consider for your meal planning.

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