SPE Brain Circulation Blend Blueprint


This essential oil blend formula is designed to support blood circulation to the brain and, thus, be part of a full spectrum protocol for sharper cognitive functions (including memory), prevention of cognitive decline and stroke. The key words here are, part of a full spectrum protocol. The blend is not intended to carry all that load by itself, but rather to serve in a support capacity of proper diet, specific nutritional and herbal supplementation, exercise and perhaps, adjunctive therapies such as pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and photobiomodulation (PBM).

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I just completed blending this blend for the first time and, I must say, it turned out to be compelling, both energetically and scent-wise. I have taken to inhaling a few deep sniffs of the blend directly from the bottle just before I begin my work early in the morning (6:30 a.m.) and find that it has an immediate clarifying effect on my thought consciousness. One of the ways, that I suggest this blend be used is to diffuse it in the room. Set the diffuser schedule so that it the diffuser turns on and off in a particular pattern. This way there is rhythmicity to the dosing. This would be a procedure to consider for someone who is suffering with progressive cognitive decline.

The blend can also be used in the Warm Hand Soak and rubbed into specific acupoints on the arms, neck and head. I will provide a complete discussion of all of this after everyone has had a chance to prepare the blend. This will include a detailed diagram and the Zoom recording.

I will also provide instructions for the option of preparing a potentized dilution of this blend for internal use (4X potency; 1:10,000 dilution).

The synergistic cell salts that I suggest be used with this blend are: Ferrum phos., Kali mur. and Kali phos.

Please note: The following information is intended as an educational tool only. It is not meant to replace the services of a health-care professional. Each person is unique and advised to seek the advice of their doctor to determine relevance in a given case. In cases of disease, other health concerns or pregnancy, check with your doctor before applying any information.

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