Are You Confused?

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Nature's Therapies E-Journal

Many years ago, when I was first beginning my career, I read a book, written by one of the leading naturopaths of the 1970s, Dr. Paavo Airola, entitled Are You Confused?. This title referenced the confusion that so many people experience when they consider the plethora of different, often conflicting, ideas about what one needs to eat, etc. in order to achieve and maintain good health.

We have come a long way in the last 50 years. There is much greater understanding now about therapeutic nutrition, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, etc. However, the waters are still being muddied by those who continue to favor reductionism instead of wholism, and an emphasis upon disease destruction rather than health creation.

The focus of my Natural Health Science System is not the treatment of disease, but rather the pathway to creating health. Ultimately, the organism is designed to be a self-healing entity. Given the requisite raw materials and conditions, its primary focus is upon repair and regeneration. After all, the organism’s top priority must be the continuance of its survival.

The old-school naturopaths of the 19th and early 20th centuries did not use the term immune system, as it was not yet part of the lexicon of anatomy. However, they used two terms that, in concert, essentially constitute immunological function: resisting power and recovery power.

In this pandemic era of and conflicting ideas about how to attain vibrant health, and thus fortify resisting power and recovery power, Airola’s question has become even more relevant. Are you confused?

My goal in creating the Natural Health Science System/Spiritual PhytoEssencing Membership Program is to provide an opportunity for people to find their way out of this fog of confusion into the clarity of understanding that follows from a knowledge of the true nature of health and disease.

The Fundamental Conditions for True Health

My Natural Health Science System (NHSS) consists of a synthesis of all the components of my practice and lifestyle over the course of 45 years. Although retired now from naturopathic practice, the following components still serve as the paving stones for the pathway of my daily existence: the basic principles of healthful, all-natural diet, strategic nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, essential oils, cell salts, homeopathy, Vital-Chi Skin-Brushing, hydrotherapies, healthful sunbathing, stretching & deep breathing exercises, chi kung (qigong) exercise, acupoint therapy (acupressure; moxa therapy; acupoint magnets; auriculotherapy), molecular hydrogen, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, photobiomodulation, and various types of self-directed therapeutic bodywork.

However, the primary principle of the Natural Health Science System is:

Human life is dependent upon the presence of certain fundamental conditions: proper diet; pure water; fresh air; sunlight; adequate exercise, warmth, rest and sleep; emotional harmony; proper posture.

As a human being, you have an inherent relationship with these fundamental elements—disease is an outgrowth of a deficiency or excess of one or more of them. Restoration of health in the ill person is accomplished through the same means of sustaining life and preserving health in the well person.

If said fundamental elements are not restored, drugs (even natural medicines such as herbs and homeopathy) can only act upon the superficial symptoms of the underlying disharmony which, if left unresolved, may eventually manifest in some other, and perhaps more threatening, form. Paracelsus, the 15th- to 16th-century professor of physics, medicine & surgery, remarked: “The physician should pass Nature’s examination.”

Herbal medicine, essential oils, homeopathy, etc. are all important components of the Natural Health Science System. However, these are considered to be adjunctive to the essential context of balanced restoration, and creative therapeutic use (e.g., hydrotherapies, deep-breathing exercises), of the aforementioned fundamental elements.

The Indivisibility of Body, Mind and Soul

True health cannot be attained solely by a focus upon the physical component of the human organism, but instead requires an active directional process toward wholeness of being within the psychospiritual component as well.

The body, mind and soul are indivisible. The perception of these as being separate spheres is an illusion fostered by modern medical science. Philosopher J.N. Findlay in The Transcendence of the Cave observes: “The other world is, in fact, not so much another world as another half of one world, which two halves only make full rounded sense when seen in their mutual relevance and interconnection.”

One of the central psychospiritual factors that underlies the development, and perpetuation, of chronic disease is the schism between one’s true inner nature and one’s socially conditioned, outer identity. In other words, the disparity between one’s “I” and ones “Me.”

The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard pointed out that the most common, and deepest form of, despair is to be in despair from not choosing, or willing to be oneself. To choose, as Kierkegaard phrases it, “to be another than himself.” On the other hand “to will to be that self which one truly is, is indeed the opposite of despair.”

Optimal functioning of one’s true self is characterized by an active, consistent directional process, rather than a static state of stuckness. The great psychologist Carl Rogers, one of the primary influences in the theoretical construct of Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE), describes this active directional process as the “good life,” wherein one’s true, inner nature is continually moving in the direction of fulfilling its full potential. Rogers refers to this as being a “fully functioning person.”

NHSS/SPE Members receive ongoing instruction in the art of SPE. SPE is a soul-spiritual art that utilizes customized essential oil blends and gemstone essences to help an individual overcome the separation from one’s true nature that lies at the core of emotional and physical disharmony, and contributes to the development of deeply seated, chronic diseases.

Thus, the goal of SPE is not direct action upon disease symptoms, but rather to enable one to once again perceive the “image” of one’s true nature (what kabbalists refer to as the “shape of one’s soul”), and then to allow that true nature to reassert its governance of the outer pole of the self-structure.  

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Interested in Joining Dr. Berkowsky's Student and Practitioner Group?

Join the membership program to have access to guidance, lectures and workshops and more by Dr. Berkowsky on the theory and practice of the Natural Health Science System (NHSS) and Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE).

NHSS will include instruction in healthful natural diet and cooking, strategic nutritional supplementation, Vital Chi Skin-Brushing, naturopathic hydrotherapies, herbal medicine, cell salts, homeopathy, acupoint therapy, chi kung (Qi Gong) exercise (chi kung is actually apart of both the NHSS and SPE) and much more.

SPE will include the in-depth study of specific essential oils and gemstone essences, guided blending exercises, case-study analysis work, the basics of blend formulation, interactive cosmic light projections, and more.

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