Pre-Order Campaign Sweepstakes Opportunity

Dr. Berkowsky’s Twelve Cell Salts Synthesis Materia Medica

Over the past 25 years Dr. Berkowsky has devoted much of his attention to the development of the art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing (SPE), his system of deep, soul-level healing work with essential oils. This book showcases new therapeutic methods that combine central elements his Natural Health Science System and art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing with Cell Salts.

Topics include:

  • In-depth Materia Medica for each of the 12 Cell Salts
  • Cell Salts’ Role in Human Physiology
  • Cell Salts and Corresponding Emotional Archetypes
  • Cells Salts and Acupoint Meridians
  • Cell Salts and Nutritional and Herbal Synergists
  • Cell Salts, Corresponding Essential Oils and Customized Essential Oil Blends (CSCO Method)
  • Molecular Hydrogen and Cell Salts Synergy

The book will no doubt revolutionize the potential of cell salts in combination with other complementary therapies. This is a unique opportunity for you to sponsor sweepstake prizes for the Pre-Order Campaign of this book.

Size: Digest (9″x6″)
Pages: 500+
Print Finish: Paperback with Matte Cover & High quality white paper.
Distribution: Available worldwide in print and ebook formats via Natural Health Science website, Amazon, Lulu, B&N and several other retail outlets.

What is the Pre-Order Campaign?

The pre-order campaign for the book will have a sweepstake contest. We are looking for brands that would like to give away their products to the sweepstake winners and gain exposure/reach in the process. The Pre-Order campaign will reach tens of thousands of people across the world including leading aromatherapists, Dr. Berkowsky’s student community, his newsletter and social media subscribers. 

Participants will earn entries into the Sweepstake in the following ways:

  1. Get 5 entries when you pre-order the physical Cell Salts book at any physical bookstore in the U.S, Purchase online, in store or call/order online with in-store pick up from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Natural Health Science website and other outlets.
  2. Get 1 entry for posting about Cell Salts book on each social media platform with hashtag #cellsaltsbook and tagging Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s social media profiles.
  3. Get 1 entry to post a selfie with the Cell Salts book on each social media platform with hashtag #cellsaltsbook and and tagging Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s social media profiles.

What sort of brands can sponsor the Sweepstake Prizes?

Dr. Berkowsky will be happy to provide the opportunity to any brand that deeply resonates with his Natural Health Science and Spiritual Phytoessencing systems. Once we have an agreement, your logo and prizes sponsored will be shown on the Pre-order campaign page.  



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