Spiritual PhytoEssencing Light-Glow Emitter Technique

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Spiritual PhytoEssencing E-Journal

It is my hope that a good number of people will participate in this project, so that we can exert a positive influence upon the current energy flow. At the very least, this will prove to be a soothing, connecting and growth-promoting experience for all who participate using their heart-going minds.

I developed this Spiritual PhytoEssencing technique ostensibly to act as a buffer and counteraction to the pernicious darkness. In the past, many people have contacted me reporting feelings of fear and other forms of disquietude mixed with a barely contained loathing that is at odds with her or his normal state of being.

This technique has a simple objective: to subtly diffuse the Light within plants and essential oils into the atmosphere to counteract this pervasive darkness and to assuage the negative emotions that derive from it.

I used the term “ostensibly” above, because the value of this technique is not limited to the current zeitgeist. It may prove of good service during any episode in your life’s journey where you feel the need to counter the ingress of dark, threatening energies projected by individuals who are estranged from the light within their own souls.

Plants are alive and all living things are ensouled and have being. The essential oil is the most concentrated carrier of the soul of the plant and thus of the individualized spark of divine light harbored within each soul.

The technique described below is designed to disperse these divine sparks into the world. Implicit to the Kabbalistic term tikkun olam â€“ repair of the world â€“ is the idea that said repair can only proceed if that which became separated during the process of Creation – the material world and the higher world – are reunited.

In the same way the repair of what is broken in this world can only occur if the current trend toward divisiveness among peoples of different backgrounds, ethnicities, etc. is reversed. Consider the use of this technique to be a humble contribution toward tikkun olam.

The great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) last words were:

“More light!”

Throughout his life, Goethe was interested in the physical and metaphorical effects of light on humans.

Some believe that Goethe’s last words had a mundane meaning: “Open the curtains so that more light may enter.” However many others believe that he was referencing the higher light. Hence, I have incorporated Goethe’s last utterance into this technique.

Light-Glow Emitter Technique

Light Glow Emitter Technique

1) Harvest a small handful of leaves (needles) from any conifer tree. I use Douglas-fir for this purpose because there are hundreds of them growing on our land. However, you can use the needles of pine, fir, juniper, etc.

2) Also find 4 small natural stones in your yard, in a wooded area of a park, etc. These stones can be as small as 2″ (5 cm) in diameter. Select the stones for the vibrancy of their energies. Hold each stone that you find in your hand and feel its vibration. If the vibration is strong and reaches out to you, then that stone qualifies for use in this technique. If not, search for another stone that does.

3) Cut the conifer needles that you collected into small pieces and place in a bowl. Before adding these to the bowl, purify the bowl energetically by swirling it around in a counterclockwise direction under cold running water for about 1 minute.

4) Add one of the essential oil combinations shown below. They are all of equal value. Select the combination based upon which one resonates with you most on a soul level and, of course, which oils you actually have on hand. Do not mix and match among the combinations shown below. Stay within the set to which that all has been assigned.

The oils have all been selected and specifically combined based upon certain Spiritual PhytoEssencing understandings.

5) Add 3 drops of each of the 3 oils within the selected set to the conifer needles. Total number of drops added = 9.

6) Then mix the oils into the conifer needles using a wooden spoon, a twig or a toothpick. Do not use your hands or a metal or plastic utensil.

7) Decide where best to place the bowl. If you live in an apartment, place it on a windowsill and open the window as far as local weather conditions allow. Otherwise you can place the bowl under a tree or shrub, in your garden, etc.

The idea is that living creatures will be able to perceive the scent and energy that is emanating from the bowl. Ideally, these living creatures would be other human beings. However, if this is not possible, then it will be up to passing birds, insects, dogs, cats, raccoons, deer, etc. to do the perceiving and carry it with them on some subtle energy level. This can only help them. Even other plants will perceive these energies and then transmit their wave forms out into the world.

8) Before you place your bowl in the selected spot, hold it in your hands. First face north and take a deep inhale of the scent and energy of your Light-Glow Emitter. Turn your head to the side when exhaling. Then face east and repeat. Then south. Then west. Each time before you take a deep inhale, recall Goethe’s words: “More light!” Keep that thought in mind while inhaling and exhaling.

9) Finally, place the bowl in its selected spot and arrange each of your 4 stones around it. Each stone should be aligned with one of the four cardinal directions.

10) Every 3 days, mindfully give the contents of the bowl back to the Earth and begin the process again. You can use the same 4 stones, however rinse them in cold water for 1 minute between each use.

Keep this up for as long as you are guided to do so by your internal spiritual self.

Menu of Essential Oil Combinations – Select One (you can use a different combination each time you perform this technique or stay with the same one).

1) Green myrtle, sage, sandalwood

2) Juniper, rhododendron, cedarwood

3) Bergamot, clary sage, Douglas fir (or Balsam fir or Himalayan fir)

4) Eucalyptus, monarda, pine

5) Sage, rosemary, lemon

6) Gandhi root, davana, palo santo

7) Cypress, frankincense, spikenard


Note: If resonate with the discussion and details below, please pass this article along to any likeminded individual that you know who also works with and loves essential oils.

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