Find attached: Formula for the SPE Autumn Leaves Gemstone Essence blend. This is the companion blend to the SPE Autumn Leaves essential oil blend. This is a powerful combination of gemstone essences. The essential oil blend (in 3X homeopathic dilution) serves as the magic drops for the gemstone essence blend. This is the final coagula (bringing back together) step in the alchemy process of the preparation of the blends. I will go over details of use of these blends during the 11/15 Zoom meeting. The Autumn Leaves blends Candlelight Essencing event is scheduled for Friday, November 25th. This will be the first SPE Candlelight Essencing event in a very long while. Very quiet and inward, but the soul-to-soul connection and connection between soul and spirit will be deeply felt. Shalom, Dr. B SPE-Autumn-Leaves-Gemstone-Essence-Blend-October-2022Download Facebook […]

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