Ravensare Materia Medica


Ravensare oil is distilled from the leaves and young twigs of a tall, leafy, evergreen tree (a member of the Lauraceae family) native to the moist, tropical forests of Madagascar.

The natives of Madagascar have long considered ravensare to be a panacea useful for the treatment of a wide range of both physical and mental disorders. In this reference both the leaves and bark are used to prepare teas, poultices and ointments. In herbal medicine it is widely used to treat digestive problems and respiratory complaints.

Ravensare oil may also prove relevant for those individuals who change their names either because they seek the shelter of a new identity or because they are dissatisfied with the one they acquired at birth. Ravensare should also be considered for the young person who, not being a good athlete or scholar or musical talent, etc.

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14 pages excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils.

Miasm: Malarial
Sefirah: Keter
Constitutional type: Neurasthenia
Spiritual PhytoEssencing Core Perspectives: plant characteristics and historical perspectives; herbal medicine and aromatherapy; viruses; astral body and the fluid organism; homeopathic remedy Carbo animalis; neurasthenia; Malarial miasm; Keter.

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