Gandhi Root Materia Medica


Gandhi root (aka Sugandh mantra), a member of the Araceae, is an aromatic, rhizomatous, perennial herb.

Sugandh mantri essential oil exerts strong antimicrobial activity against various common human pathogenic fungi. An alcohol extract of the plant has been shown to exert anti-hepatitis B virus activity. In Chinese medicine, sugandh mantri is called qian nian jian, meaning “thousand years of health.” It is classified as bitter, pungent and warm, and associated with the liver and kidney meridians. The herb is thought to strengthen tendons and bones and is used to treat low back- and knee-pain, and weakness as well as numbness in the lower extremities.

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17 pages excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils.

Miasm: Ringworm
Sefirah: Malkhut
, Tiferet and Binah
Primary Constitutional Type
: Hysteria

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Core Perspectives: plant characteristics and history; herbal medicine and aromatherapy; camel jasper; Earth, Air and Water elements; hysteria; Ringworm miasm; Malkhut, Tiferet, Binah and the pathway of self-inquiry….

The common name gandhi derives from a Hindi word meaning fragrant or aromatic. The same term can be seen in the plant’s other common Hindi name sugandh mantri. The word mantri means king. Thus, sugandh mantri roughly translates as the king, or best, fragrance….

Herbal Medicine

The rhizome of Homalomena aromatica is aromatic and stimulant; and when powdered, it is often used as an additive to snuff and tobacco. Inhalation of the aromatic smoke from burning dried rhizomes has long been used to treat influenza. The plant’s roots are used to treat jaundice. The Tamils (an ethnic group indigenous to India and Sri Lanka) have used gandhi root (which they call merugu) medicinally for more than 3000 years. They use it in the treatment of stomach disorders, hemorrhoids, and catarrhal conditions….

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