Homeopathic-Style Potentized Dilution of the Custom Blend

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Spiritual PhytoEssencing E-Journal

Given my background as, among other things, a classical homeopath, and my focus upon the bioenergetic potential of essential oils, the use of a homeopathic-style potentized dilution is prepared from a customized essential oil blend (in addition to the use of the blend itself in material form) is a pivotal, defining feature of the practice of Spiritual PhytoEssencing.

The essential oil blend, ultimately used for inhalation, application to chakras, acupoints and skin reflex points, and in baths (hand bath, foot bath and various types of tub baths) also serves as the germinal “mother essence” for the production of the homeopathic potency. The potentized dilution and blend are then administered in tandem, thus accessing the soul on a multi-faceted basis.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing is not a clinical modality and its intent is not to directly affect disease symptoms, thus, it is not used as a response to a specific physical pathology. The focus of Spiritual PhytoEssencing is the point of interface between the mind and soul, or the rational and super-rational, aspects of human consciousness.

Whatever improvements in physical pathologies are observed after beginning the use of Spiritual PhytoEssencing custom blends are considered to be indirect benefits of the individual’s improved ability to let go of negative behaviors, dysfunctional relationships and outdated reactional modes, and to make life and lifestyle choices that are consistent with the prerequisites of overall wellness. Whether one is well or ill, Spiritual PhytoEssencing is a gentle, subtle art that can serve as a tool for deep personal growth, thus, greater general well-being.

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