SPE Lymph-Flow Blend


The SPE Lymph-Flow Blend is a very versatile blend with relevance for working with virtually any disorder. I will ultimately be providing a detailed discussion and materials regarding how and where to apply the blend. You will be taught how to make 6X dilution of the blend. Aside from its use for therapeutic purposes, this blend has value for facial rejuvenation as well.

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The blend turned out beautifully. 5 layers + Surrounding Essence and Magic Drops. As this is primarily a physical realm blend (although, being an SPE blend, tied into the psychospiritual realm, and constructed using SPE alchemy techniques), its scent, while very pleasant and appealing, does not have the transporting elegance that SPE blends devoted to deep psychospiritual work. Nevertheless, you will find the scent to be pleasing and comforting in an earthy, natural world way.

This blend is the blending project for the months of July and August. In other words, this is your summer blending project while we take a two month break from classes.

We will be preparing a 6X (1:1,000,000) dilution of the blend for internal use.

In September, in class, I will teach you how to massage this blend into 3 regions for the purposes of lymphatic drainage:

1) the face and neck: this is useful for a wide scope of issues including sinus problems, dental problems, gum disease, headaches, neck issues, etc. Lymphatic drainage of the face and neck is also invaluable during stroke recovery and other brain-related issues (including cognitive decline).

Drainage of the face and neck also has a rejuvenative effect on the facial tissues, and so can serve as a beauty treatment as well.

2) the abdomen: An important area to drain for people with chronic digestive issues, chronic constipation, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, hiatal hernia, chronic acid reflux, etc.

3) In the spaces between the spinal vertebrae: This is performed with the person being treated lying prone (face down). First each inter-vertebral space is pressed and drained in a certain way (I am combining two simple techniques for this purpose.), then the blend is massaged into all the spaces. Very relaxing. As the spinal nerves innervate all the organs, this technique is useful for virtually any issue in the body. It is also wonderful for relaxing the nervous system and as adjunct in treating back pain.

In 2024, I will be providing instruction in a system I am developing, based upon something that is little known outside of the osteopathic medicine circle: Chapman’s Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes.

Chapman’s Reflexes are named for Frank Chapman, D.O., an early 20th century osteopathic physician who discovered and charted their location and therapeutic value in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  These reflexes are located in lymphoid tissue. Dr. Chapman worked with his ideas of lymphatic drainage for about twenty years calling these reflex areas of hyper-congestion, lymphatic centers.  Chapman charted over two hundred separate and distinct reflexes, each one having a definite and specific effect upon the endocrine gland or organ with which it is associated.

I have developed a method for treating some of these reflexes (I will be providing instruction for only a selected set of these reflexes for general use.) with a simple massage movement, followed by application of specific color light, followed by application of the SPE Lymph-Flow Blend or SPE Brain Circulation Blend.

I will be providing charts, and instructing how to locate those major Chapman’s Reflexes on both the front and back of the body that we will focus on. It sounds like this work will be very complex and requires previous training, but it won’t be and doesn’t. The whole method will be presented in a cogent, easily understandable fashion. My goal is always to give everyone, regardless of previous training or lack thereof, the opportunity, if they so desire, to be the holistic healer within their own homes.

Finally, the SPE Lymph-Flow Blend will be used in dilution only. In the fall, I will present the formula for a cream base that you will be able to make, so that we can add other ingredients in, including cell salts and herbal extracts.

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