Six Elements and Chakras Workbook


The Six Element and Chakra Workbook is a valuable resource for even those who do not aspire to deep constitutional healing work with essential oils, such as acupuncturists and acupressurists, and those who practice other bodywork disciplines, will find its insight to be valuable, perhaps even as an adjunctive perspective to Five Element Theory.

The workbook has a chart with correspondences of the Six Elements with organs, sounds, colors, emotions and senses. Elements associations spanning chakras, miasms, sefirot and directions make it a complete and practical workbook for preparing personalized essential oils blends which are powerful enough to affect a positive change in one’s soul-nature.

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In the development of the Six Element Paradigm, I relied primarily upon the Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine for orientation. Hence, much of the material regarding the various elements in the Six Element Paradigm has been derived from the Chinese Five Element model. Anthroposophical medicine, the Kabbalah and to a lesser extent, the yogic chakra system and Native American spiritual understanding served as secondary, yet nonetheless crucial, influences in my design of the Six Element Paradigm.

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