Galbanum Materia Medica


Galbanum has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. Hippocrates employed it and the Roman scholar Pliny ascribed extraordinary curative powers to it. The ancient Egyptians imported galbanum resin in vast amounts and it was among their most prized incense ingredients. Galbanum was often used during difficult childbirth and to relieve severe restlessness, nervous tension, anxiety and muscle spasms. The Greek physician and herbalist Dioscorides, employed galbanum as an emmenagogue and abortifacient.

On a psycho-spiritual level, galbanum is thought to connect one with the qualities of Divine trust and innocence, to aid in the development of psychic abilities, and to improve one’s ability to communicate with those who have passed to the other side. Astrologically, galbanum is associated with Libra.

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22 pages excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils.

Miasm: Ringworm
Sefirot: Mochin/Malkhut Interface
Constitutional Type: Mixed Neurasthenia/Hysteria
Spiritual PhytoEssencing Core Perspectives: history and plant characteristics; herbal and aromatherapy perspectives; member of the Umbelliferae family; obsidian; homeopathic remedy Kali sulph.; mixed neurasthenia/hysteria; Ringworm miasm; Mochin/Malkhut Interface.

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