Cacao Materia Medica


Cacao is considered to be an antiseptic, diuretic, ecbolic (promotes rapid labor by stimulating uterine contractions), emmenagogue and parasiticide. It has been used since ancient times as a medicine for a wide variety of disorders, including: alopecia [abnormal hair loss], burns, childbirth labor and delivery problems, coughs, dry lips, eye disorders, fatigue, fever, kidney disease, malaria, pregnancy complications, rheumatism, snakebite, wounds.

Download this chapter to learn more about  CACAO—Theobroma cacao.

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19 pages excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils.

Miasms: Addiction; Death-Rebirth; Rabies
Sefirot: Tiferet/Malkhut Interface
Constitutional Type: Hysteria
Spiritual PhytoEssencing Core Perspectives: plant characteristics and historical perspectives; herbal medicine; homeopathic remedy Chocolate; the color red and the theme of blood sacrifice; astral body; hysteria; Addiction miasm; Rabies miasm; Death-Rebirth miasm; Tiferet/Malkhut Interface.

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