Spiritual PhytoEssencing Gemstone Essences

SPE Natural Universe Method of Gemstone Mother Essence Preparation

After purification and recharging, the gemstone mother essences are then prepared by exposure of the stone (e.g., amethyst), placed in a bowl of distilled, mountain rain water for an entire cycle of sun and moon (and stars) and then again early morning sun. I construct a vibratory field around the bowl using highly vibratory stones. For the preparation of all the gemstone mother essences in this set, I used chalcedony.

The gemstone essences are prepared over a full day/night cycle for two reasons. First, this facilitates the inclusion of the night energies derived from starlight, moonlight, the nocturnal creatures and the plants in their state of nighttime consciousness.

Secondly, I believe that, while during the sunlight exposure phase of the process the immersed gemstone is more in a receiving phase, during the cool of the night, it is more in an imparting phase. Accordingly, the stone more actively draws in energies during the sunlight exposure phase and more actively at night releases its energy and the natural energies it has absorbed and transduced into the water it is immersed in.

I leave the developing gemstone mother essence outside in varying intensities of light and shade for close to 10 hours. In the evening, I bring the mother essence bowl into my plant room (a room whose walls and ceiling are covered with untreated knotty pine boards and whose window opens up unto the forest) and place it under a copper pyramid. Within the pyramid, the bowl is surrounded by clear quartz points and the same variety of stone that is in the bowl (e.g., when azurite is in the bowl, I placed clear quartz points and azurite crystals around that bowl).

The pyramid itself is surrounded by concentric circles of powerful stones such as blue quartz, citrine, Inca agate, moss agate, tree agate, jade, variscite, etc. I use larger stones in the outermost circle and refer to that as the henge.

While in the pyramid, the bowl is exposed to the unique glow of LED light diffracted either through an agate crystal lamp or an Himalayan salt lamp for about 2 hours.

At around 8 p.m. I place the bowl back outside for its night-long exposure to nature. It remains outside until the early morning light illuminates it for at least 2 hours. This early morning light helps integrate the energies received during the night into the matrix established the previous day. Then I bring it back into my plant room and expose the bowl first to either the soft glow of LED light diffused through the agate crystal lamp, and then to a powerful full-spectrum Tesla induction grow light (immersing the bowl in the equivalent of strong sunlight).

While exposed to the full spectrum induction light, I introduce specific frequencies of pulsed electromagnetic fields that fall within the range of those produced by the Earth’s magnetic field (either from the Earth’s core or from its upper atmosphere). I select different frequencies based upon the energetics of the specific stone’s within the bowl of mother essence. Sometimes, I will layer different Earth frequencies into the essence. These pulsed electromagnetic fields not only enhance the extraction of the stone’s essence into the water but are also perceived and recorded by those stones and their wave forms become an integral part of the mother essence. Accordingly, when one takes Azurite essence, one also experiences 8.4 Hz electromagnetic wave energy (a very nurturing frequency). With Blue Tourmaline, one experiences 7.8 Hz, a frequency that aids spirit connection. With Mook Jasper, the protective and relaxing 9.6 Hz frequency, etc.

In SPE, each of the different gemstone essences are associated with a specific set of essential oils. Accordingly, I diffuse (using an ultrasonic mist diffuser) one to three of these oils over the bowl for varying periods of time.

The stones in the bowl do not pick up the scent of the oils. Rather they record the wave form of the oils and transfer that to the mother essence. In conjunction with molecules of essential oils landing directly on the water in the bowl via the diffused mist, the essential oils are incorporated into the mother essence in homeopathic form. Each of the gemstone essence profiles below indicates which oil or oils is incorporated homeopathically into the mother essence.

Depending upon the energetics of the particular, developing mother essence, I will either separately, or simultaneously, expose it to the pulsed electromagnetic fields and the diffused essential oils.

After a couple hours of these exposures, I turn off the light, diffuser and pulsed electromagnetic field device and allow the mother essence to rest for 30 minutes within the copper pyramid surrounded by concentric circles of stones and immersed in the forest air drifting in through the window. I then bring the bowl of completed mother essence into my lab, where I filter, bottle and label it.

Even though the gemstones, unlike flower essences, do not contain perishable organic matter, I still preserve them with brandy (1/3 of the total volume of the mother essence is brandy). The reason for adding the brandy is that during the essence development process, wild flower petals, pollens, conifer needles and airborne seeds land on the water’s surface and thus contribute minute amounts of wild organic matter to the essence.

I also purify the bottle of brandy among the roots of a large cedar tree or in a forest creek for at least a week before bringing it in to my lab. Also, I only use brandy contained within glass bottles, never plastic.

All of this attention to detail ensures that these essences are more energetically pure, dynamic and potent than any that are commercially available. These are rare quality gemstone essences both entirely purified by, and filled with, the vibratory waves of the natural universe.

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