Hello Everyone: As part of my focus this year on the brain and age-related cognitive decline, I thought it would be a good idea to share some important information about CoQ10, Parkinson’s disease and brain health in general. Nearly one million people in the U.S. are suffering with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It is the second-most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease, with about 90,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the U.S.. More than 10 million people worldwide are living with PD. Like all neurodegenerative disorders, PD incidence is steeply on the rise. A 2022 Parkinson’s Foundation-backed study found a 50% increase in diagnosed cases from the previously estimated rate of 60,000 diagnoses annually. Aging is a risk factor, with only 4% of cases diagnosed before the age of 50. Men are 150% more likely than […]

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